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Welcome to Profirst!

Profirst engages in research, development, production and sales of pesticides and agricultural surfactants, like agricultural silicone surfactant and APG for Glyphosate SL formulations.

Our manufacturing bases are located in Jiangshu Province, and Zhejiang Province, China .

We produce Pesticides products in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14000, and CIPAC, FAO. Profirst has an outstanding advantage on pesticide registration; we have an experienced team in dealing with pesticide registration (more than 100 products in 68 countries).

Focusing on offering the right products, we study on products, pests and the product trend and replacement. We share with our partner the latest research reports on...



Promotion 1  Agricultural Silicone Surfactant--PASS (Other names: Polyether Modified Trisiloxane, Agricultural Organic Silicon Additives, Silwet 408 Equivalent,Silicone surfactant spray adjuvant for agricultural applications)Good wetting & spreading properties improve the wetting, spreading and penetration of pesticides solutions. 

Promotion 2  APG(for Glyphosate SL) Used in Glyphosate aqueous solution like 41%SL, 10% SL. Increase the wetting and penetrating, help the weeds absorb the solution of Glyphosate.

Promotion 3 Thiamethoxam Systemic insecticide, nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists with contact and stomach poison, activates plant resistance proteins to make plant with robust stem and root, and grow better. GLP reports are available for registration.

Promotion 4  Clethodim Systemic herbicide, rapidly absorbed and readily translocated from treated foliage to the root system and growing parts of the plant. 

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Keywords:Organic Silicone Agricultural Additive, Polyether Modified Trisiloxane, Organic Silicone Surface Agent, Wetter, Spray Regulator, Pests, Rice, Rice Weevil,
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Banded Sclerotial Blight, Tea, Tea Mosquito Bug, Helopeltis Antonii, Empoasca Flavescens, Tea Green Leafhopper, Tea Tortrix-Caterpillar,
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