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Plant Growth Regulators
Prohexadione Calcium (CAS NO: 127277-53-6)

Common name: prohexadione calcium

IUPAC name: calcium 1-(4-carboxy-2,6-dioxocyclohexylidene)propan-1-olate

CAS No: 127277-53-6

Mode of action:
Plant growth regulator, inhibitor of dioxygenase enzymes and GA biosynthesis, used primarily in fruit trees to suppress excessive vegetative growth and to inhibit disease incidence.

Prohexadione Calcium can shorten the stem elongation of many plants, control the section ends growth, thicken stems, shorten plant height and prevent lodging. It has significant performance of lodging and dwarfing on rice, barley, wheat, Japanese carpet grass, ryegrass, etc. It can promote fertility, help lateral bud growth and rooting. It can also keep the leaves dark green and upright, control the flowering time and improve fruit setting and ripening.
Besides, Prohexadione Calcium increases plant defense response under hard conditions of disease, cold and drought so that reduces the phytotoxicity caused by herbicides and improve output.

Formulation types: Prohexadione Calcium 95%/90%/80% TC, Prohexadione Calcium 15% WP, Prohexadione Calcium 10% WDG 

Packing: 10ML-200L for liquid formulations, 1G-25KG for solid formulations.

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