Pro-MSO (Methylated Soybean Oil as Penetrant) (CAS NO: )

Pro-MSO is a penetrant for tank mix use. As a blend of methylated soybean oil and unique emulsifier, it can improve the efficacy of systemic pesticides, especially herbicides.

Outstanding Merits:
- To help the wettability of pesticides and increase droplet coverage on the leaf surface
- To aid in adhesion on the leaf surface and reducing evaporation loss
- To improve leaf cuticle penetration and increase absorption
- To provide better weed control than COC (crop oil concentrate) in situations with large weeds or weeds that are under stress from environmental conditions
- Contain high-quality emulsifiers for easy mixing in spray solutions

Product Usage: 
- Recommended for systemic pesticides or other pesticides where an oil adjuvant is recommended on the label.
- Fill spray tank ½ full of water, add the desired amount of pesticides as directed by label, and continue filling.
- Add Pro-MSO at recommended rate last and continue agitation.
- Dosage: 0.3%-1.0% of the total spray solution.
- Use higher rate on hard-to-control weeds or weeds under stress for optimum effectiveness.


 Appearance  Yellow to reddish-brown liquid
 Density, g/cm3  0.85-0.95
 pH range  7.0-9.0

Packing: 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L, 200L plastic drum, IBC drum.

Sample of Pro-MSO:

Penetrant Pro-MSO methylated seed oil

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