Alkyl Polyglucoside,APG 0810 (wetter/emulsifier for Glyphosate SL) (CAS NO: 68515-73-1,110615-47-9)

APG is nonionic surfactant made from natural raw materials – glucose from corn and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils. It is very mild, low in toxicity and readily biodegradable. APG exhibits good wetting and dispersing properties, detergency and foaming ability, stability and solubility in high concentration of alkaline or electrolyte solutions and compatibility even synergistic effects with other surfactants. APG are widely used in personal care, household cleaning, industrial cleaning, textile and agrochemical industries, etc.

APG 0810:
Agrochemical adjuvant, hard surface cleanser, industrial cleanser, etc
APG 0814: Textile agent, shampoo, detergents, etc
APG 1214: Lotion, shampoo, dishware cleanser, cosmetics, etc

In agriculture, mostly used in Glyphosate aqueous solution like 41%SL. Increase the wetting and penetrating, help the weeds absorb the solution of Glyphosate. APG 0810 is desinged to replace the conventional adjuvants like tallow amine ethoxylate based adjuvants.

Content: 50%,70% (Color can be regulated)


                APG0810 with 50% active content                                  APG0810 with 70% active content   

(1) Do compatibility tests before usage.
(2) The high pH value of APG may lead to characteristic turbidity of product when stored in room temperature. It has no negative influence to the product quality and use. When used as an additive in formulations, adjust the pH about 8.0, the turbidity disappears. The high pH value has preservative effects to the product.
(3) The product can be heated and stirred until uniform before use, especially for APG0810 70%.
(4) Dosage of APG0810 as agrochemical adjuvant in Gyphosate 41% SL: Dosage of APG0810 (50% content): 10-14%; Dosage of APG0810 (70% content): 7-10%

Packing: 200-220kg/drum, IBC, etc

Other APGs available from Shanghai Profirst: APG0814 50%, APG1214 50%

Sample of Pro-APG 0810:

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